KYC - identification and verification
    1. In order to open up an account with nEXbit Exchange, the client must submit the following: 
        ◦ Surname
        ◦ First Name,
        ◦ National I/D or Passport Number,
        ◦ Address,
        ◦ E-mail,
        ◦ Telephone.
    2. The client must also send a copy of his/hers National I/D. The National I/D should contain the following (all or some, according to the Company's discretion: 
        ◦ A photo of the holder,
        ◦ The national I/D number,
        ◦ The holders full name,
        ◦ The holder’s nationality and place of birth,
        ◦ The holder's date of birth,
        ◦ The holder's sex,
        ◦ The holder's address,
        ◦ The holder’s marital status.
    3. Further details, checks are performed upon a Customer depositing Funds. 
    4. nEXBit will at its own discretion ask for further proof of identification should for any reason the nEXBit employee's suspicions arise.
    5. Suspicious activity such as the method of deposit, suspicious circumstances, and such number of transfers will be monitored.
    6. Verification will be performed at the account opening or within a reasonable time after opening of the account. The methods will include document and non document methods.
    7. In circumstances where nEXBit cannot form a reasonable belief on the customer's identity the account will not be opened or won’t have full access to the exchange features
    8. Detecting and reporting suspicious activity.
    9. When deemed necessary we will perform additional monitoring of specific account activities.
   10. We maintain systems and procedures to detect and require reporting of suspicious activity.

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